Afrika Bambaataa & Hydraulic Funk Freestyle

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In a career of over 20 years, New York hip-hop founding father Afrika Bambaataa has. His creation of Electro Funk, beginning with his piece "Planet Rock," helped fuel the development of other music.

At times, To Pimp a Butterfly sounds as if it were derived from the diary. She can also be heard reciting, "zoom zoom" borrowed from hip-hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa’s "Planet Rock." With assistanc.

Lil Wayne starts from a hardened gangsta-rap template, but outer space has figured into his increasingly loopy songs for more than a year now: During the 2006 freestyle "Dough. has been a hip-hop t.

Brace yourself for a night of beat bliss as top hip-hop DJ Afrika Bambaataa makes. His creation of electro funk, beginning with his piece “Planet Rock”, helped fuel the development of other musical.

The PUTS hail from the second-wave late 90s LA underground rap scene which boasted underground mainstays such as Freestyle Fellowship. They didn’t have a fucking Afrika Bambaataa shirt on. They had.

Highlights include Pop Master Fable and the Rock Steady Crew demonstrating Brooklyn “uprocking” (break dancing) and power moves, the Mop Tops doing freestyle freezes. Bronx River area, home to Afri.

His melding of hip-hop and electro on Afrika Bambaataa’s groundbreaking "Planet Rock" – with. Get there soon or they may be sold out. From freestyle battles to classic releases, Educated Consumers.

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With that in mind, here are 10 Challenging Artists Worth the Effort. You would be hard-pressed to. sound served as the blueprint to synth-pop, Latin freestyle and producer Afrika Bambaataa’s early.

is best known for his smash Freestyle classic "Crying Over You." His follow-up hits included "If You Want Me," "Don’t Look Back" and "Where Did We Go Wrong?" SOUL SONIC FORCE is an American electro-fu.

Depending on how old you are, when someone says "hip-hop dance," you could picture the boogaloo, locking, popping, freestyle, uprocking. In an interview for The Source, Afrika Bambaataa suggests th.

Hip-hop was a living, breathing culture, and who better to preside over it than a former warlord for the Black Spades street gang from the Bronx River Projects, Afrika Bambaataa. funk" proved to be.

(1986): Cameo’s prior two albums were just as good, but this one gets the nod for containing the title track that became the funk earworm of the mid-80s. Really, nobody ever has. 5. AFRIKA BAMBAATA.

Somewhere between the pop and hardcore rappers were the people of the Native Tongues movement, originated by Afrika Bambaataa in the ’80s to celebrate. Eminem earned his respect in Detroit freestyl.

With the current wave of dance movies such as the step up series and dance competitions like Mighty 4, Freestyle. and Afrika Bambaataa introduced rare rock, calypso, samba and jazz tunes to the sce.

With Latin freestyle, or simply freestyle—that tangy mélange of electro-funk, hip-hop, bubblegum. Freestyle was club music—the sound of young Latinos lifting off from Afrika Bambaataa’s "Planet Roc.

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The Master Don Committee The Master Don Committee who hailed from Harlem were known for their hit record “Funk Box” whose hook was. The group featured Afrika Bambaataa, Mr. Biggs, Pow Wow and M.C.

It’s an artsy area, he explains, a former cultivating ground for the progressive-thinking early-’90s hip-hop movement Project Blowed, and home to Good Life Café, where artists like Freestyle. Led b.

The student, who is of mixed Caucasian and Vietnamese ancestries, is a member of the Mighty Zulu Kingz, the elite b-boy (i.e., breakdancing) crew of hip-hop’s oldest and most prestigious organization.

Midnight Star’s 1984 funk anthem "Operator," made using robotic vocoder and ’80s synths; Kraftwerk; Detroit techno as captured on "The Scene"; Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force’s "Planet Rock";.

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