Musicality Menaing

Little girls carry on phone conversations with their daddies in a language that sure sounds like it must mean something. Do the sounds they make vary according to what language their parents speak.

because of its musicality.” One TV critic took issue with that. While describing herself as a fan of the franchise, she insisted there is an inherent “mean spirited-ness to it.” “I don’t think it is m.

How about some Aaron Copland with Swift’s “Mean”? Another fun success. dancefloor burner “Toxic,” its distinctively squealing riff intact. Their musicality, however, falls flat at times. There’s li.

The circumflex accent adds a certain musicality to a word; some would argue it confers poetry to words. More practically, it can also change the meaning of a word. ‘Mûr’ means ‘mature’, while ‘mur’ me.

The messages they bring back are of black dysfunction, crime and violence, but also of black sexuality, athleticism and soulful musicality. These stories may. My own memoir, "That Mean Old Yesterda.

I mean, it takes a lot of strength din sa vocals,” she added. Ibig sabihin, magagaling ‘yung ating mga Wishfuls. Meron silang natural na musicality,” said the veteran music producer. (Their easy to.

Although their musical numbers are always comedic, and often parodic, this is not at the expense of actual musicality. Both w.

Blige’s cover, to boot. She obviously took the time to not only study the lyrical meaning but truly understand the song’s musicality. Even though she was doing her own runs, I thought she was respecti.

we knew we had the musicality and the power to do it, but really it was about the meaning of the song, you know? We loved taking our energy and our youth and giving it to the audience and everyone who.

We are a team and the true definition of a team, more of a family than anything. musicals and stuff like that. I have a wide range of musicality on my iPod and I love it. Music can take you somewhe.

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But that doesn’t mean the star has it all figured out. “But [ADHD] gave me other tools, because I would listen instead of read. I was able to hear the musicality of conversations. That’s helped me.

Scientist and author of The Singing Neanderthals: The Origins of Music, Language, Mind, and Body Stephen Mithen explains his theories about The Neanderthal’s musicality. phrases that would have had.

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Yes, the Phantom is for all you audiophiles out there, and it promises “zero distortion, zero saturation, and zero background noise,” while “reproducing the soundstage and musicality of. also speci.

Miranda Lambert’s new single, ‘Baggage Claim,’ tries to reassure fans and critics that despite a happy marriage to Blake Shelton, the country queen of mean hasn’t let her sharp. were refreshingly r.

And you have to mention Ella and Peggy Lee and a whole host of wonderful women. Every generation has its songsmith, so to speak, where melody and articulation mean something. You can find it. That’s w.

Though the statement is true, in order to be given meaning it must be expressed and. fetishism of originality, or some kind of arch-musicality. To take the elements of human experience and seek to.

Too often, Caplan writes, “critics treat the term ‘poetry’ as if it retains a stable definition across cultures. that distinguishes it from both hip-hop and rap—is that the musicality and typograph.